Test Cases

This chapter explains how to create, search, edit, clone, review, tag and remove Test Cases in Kiwi TCMS.

There are two ways to associate Test Cases with a Test Plan:

  1. Create a new Test Case, see Creating a Test Case.
  2. Add an existing Test Case, Adding an existing Test Case to Test Plan.

Test Plan workflow

Searching for Test Cases

To search Test Cases:

  1. From the Main menu click SEARCH::Search Test Cases.

    The Testing menu 1

Creating a Test Case

When writing a Test Case clear setup instructions help reduce the chance of failure due to an incorrect environment. A clear set of actions with measurable expected results ensures that the Test Case produces consistent outcomes regardless of who executes it. Breakdown instructions should be provided to ensure the test environment is returned to its original state. For more information see Appendix: Writing a Test Case.

To create a new Test Case inside a Test Plan document:

  1. Open an existing Test Plan, click Cases tab.

  2. Hover over Cases sub-menu, then click on Write new case.

    The Write New Case button

  3. In the add new case screen, perform the following actions:

    • Enter a Summary. This will appear in search results. It must be informative and concise.
    • In the Text field populate the actual test case in Given-When-Then
    • Select the Product. The product of the component being tested.
    • Select the Category. This is the type of test being executed. For example, Regression or Bug Verification.
    • Select the Automated status: on / off.
    • Enter the Requirements (optional, legacy Testopia field).
    • Enter Script (optional, legacy Testopia field).
    • Enter the Default Tester (optional). Must be a valid email address registered in Kiwi TCMS. This user will be notified by email when a Test Run is created.
    • Select the Priority from dropdown menu. Priority can be used as a guide when allocating resources.
    • Enter Arguments (optional). These are arguments to Script however further integration is not implemented at the moment!
    • Enter Reference Link (optional). This is a user-specified field and can be a URL to git, Bugzilla or another reference.
    • Enter Notes to include additional information about the Test Case if needed.

    The add new case screen

  4. Perform one of the following:

    • To save and exit, click Save.

Cloning Test Cases

Test Cases can be cloned to multiple Test Plans. Alternatively you can use the Clone-Edit workflow to create similar Test Cases, within the same Test Plan, very quickly! To clone a Test Case:

  1. Open the Test Case to be cloned.

  2. Click Clone from the Navigation menu

    The Clone button 1

  3. Select the Test Plan for the cloned Test Case. Use the filter to narrow search results:

    Test Plan filter details screen

  4. Tick the Test Plans you want to clone this Test Case into.

  5. Update Case Properties:

  6. Click Clone button.

    Clone Test Case details screen

  7. The new cloned Test Case is displayed.


When Create a copy is selected Kiwi TCMS will create an exact copy of the Test Case, and link it to the new Test Plan. Changes to the cloned Test Case will not affect the original version.

Editing a Test Case

The Edit function modifies fields in a Test Case.

Editing a Test Case

To edit a Test Case:

  1. Open a Test Plan and click Edit action for a selected Test Case. Alternatively open the Test Case by clicking on its ID and then click the Edit button.

    The Edit button

  2. Edit the fields as required:

  3. Perform one of the following:

    • To save and exit, click Save.


To view the change history, click Edit History in the top-right corner of the Test Case Edit view.

Reviewing a Test Case

When a new Test Case is created inside a Test Plan its status is set to PROPOSED. It is not possible to add such Test Cases to a Test Run for execution. The review functionality allows other associates to provide feedback and finally modify the status of a Test Case to CONFIRMED.


A Test Case should be executed by a tester in under 20 minutes. Refer to the below checklist when reviewing a Test Case. Does the Test Case have:

  • All the environment setup information
  • All the test data needed for the test
  • A clear and concise summary
  • A prerequisite section
  • Clear actions with less than 15 steps
  • Clear effects

To review a Test Case open the Test Plan view and:

  1. Click Reviewing Cases tab.
  2. Expand Test Case details.
  3. Read the description and provide comments.
  4. Once satisfied change the status to CONFIRMED via the Status drop-down.

Test Case Review Screen


Each user is able to delete only their own comments however we discourage you of deleting anything because you may lose vital history.

Test Case status can also be updated via the Test Plan view:

  1. Open a Test Plan.

  2. Select the Test Cases to be edited:

    • Single Test Case - click the check-box beside the case ID.

      A single Test Case selected

    • Multiple Test Cases - click the check-box beside each case ID.

      Multiple Test Cases selected

    • All Test Cases - click the check-box in the column headings.

      All Test Cases selected

  3. From Status sub-menu click Status.

    Test Case status options.

  4. Click OK to apply the changes.

  5. Test Case status is updated.

    Status changes confirmation.

Changing the order of Test Cases in a Test Plan

Kiwi TCMS allows the user to change the order of Test Cases within a Test Plan. To change the order of Test Cases:

  1. Open the Test Plan.

  2. From the right side of the UI, click Re-order cases.

    Test Cases Reorder

  3. Drag Test Cases up or down to change their order.

  4. Click Done Sorting button to complete the process.

    Test Cases Reorder Done


The Done Sorting button will change its name briefly to Submitting Changes before returning to Re-order cases.

Adding an existing Test Case to Test Plan

Existing Test Cases can be added to Test Plans in two different ways:

  1. from the Test Case view or
  2. from the Test Plan view.

Adding a Test Case via the Test Plan view

  1. Open an existing Test Plan, click Cases tab.

  2. Click Case sub-menu, then click Add cases from other plans.

    The Add cases from other plans button

  3. In the Search Case screen, enter the search criteria, and then click Search.

  4. From the search results list, select the check box of the Test Cases to be added to the Test Plan.

  5. Click Add Selected Cases button.

    Add Selected Cases

Adding a Test Plan via the Test Case view

  1. Open an existing Test Case and click Test Plans tab.

  2. In the Add into another Plan text box, enter the plan ID.

  3. Click Add button.

    The Test Plans tab

  4. A confirmation dialog will open.

  5. Verify that chosen Test Plan details are correct.

  6. Click Submit button.

Removing a Test Case from a Test Plan

Sometimes Test Cases need to be removed from Test Plans. For example after cloning another Test Plan. There are two ways to remove a Test Case from a Test Plan:

  1. Remove Test Case via the Test Plan view.
  2. Remove Test Plan via the Test Case view.

Removing a Test Case via the Test Plan view

  1. Open a Test Plan. Make sure Cases tab is active.

  2. Select the Test Case check-box. You can select several Test Cases.

  3. From the Case sub-menu click Remove.

    The Remove button 1

Removing a Test Plan via the Test Case view

  1. Open the Test Case view.

  2. Click Test plans tab.

  3. Click Remove action button.

    The Remove button 2