tcms.utils.markdown module

class tcms.utils.markdown.StrikeThroughExtension(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Extension


Add the various processors and patterns to the Markdown Instance.

This method must be overridden by every extension.


md: The Markdown instance.

class tcms.utils.markdown.StrikeThroughInlineProcessor(pattern: str, md: Markdown | None = None)[source]

Bases: InlineProcessor


handleMatch(m, data)[source]

Return a ElementTree element from the given match and the start and end index of the matched text.

If start and/or end are returned as None, it will be assumed that the processor did not find a valid region of text.

Subclasses should override this method.


m: A re match object containing a match of the pattern. data: The buffer currently under analysis.


el: The ElementTree element, text or None. start: The start of the region that has been matched or None. end: The end of the region that has been matched or None.