Source code for trackers_integration.issuetracker.mantis

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import requests

from django.conf import settings

from tcms.core.contrib.linkreference.models import LinkReference
from tcms.core.templatetags.extra_filters import markdown2html
from tcms.issuetracker.base import IssueTrackerType

# this only needs to be changed during testing

class MantisAPI:
    Mantis Rest API interaction class.

    :meta private:

    def __init__(self, base_url=None, api_token=None):
        self.headers = {
            "Accept": "application/json-patch+json",
            "Content-type": "application/json-patch+json",
            "Authorization": api_token,
        self.base_url = f"{base_url}/api/rest"

    def get_projects(self):
        url = f"{self.base_url}/projects"
        return self._request("GET", url, headers=self.headers)

    def create_project(
        self, name, description="", status="development", is_public=True
        url = f"{self.base_url}/projects"

        # these seem to be hard-coded and API docs don't show any methods
        # related to Project Status
        statuses = {
            "development": {"id": 10, "name": "development", "label": "development"},
            "release": {"id": 30, "name": "release", "label": "release"},
            "stable": {"id": 50, "name": "stable", "label": "stable"},
            "obsolete": {"id": 70, "name": "obsolete", "label": "obsolete"},

        # these seem to be hard-coded and API docs don't show any methods
        # related to Project View State
        view_states = {
            True: {"id": 10, "name": "public", "label": "public"},
            False: {"id": 50, "name": "private", "label": "private"},

        payload = {
            "name": name,
            "status": statuses[status],
            "description": description,
            "enabled": True,
            "view_state": view_states[is_public],
        return self._request("POST", url, headers=self.headers, json=payload)["project"]

    def get_issue(self, issue_id):
        url = f"{self.base_url}/issues/{issue_id}"
        return self._request("GET", url, headers=self.headers)["issues"][0]

    def create_issue(self, summary, description, category_name, project_name):
        url = f"{self.base_url}/issues/"
        body = {
            "summary": summary,
            "description": description,
            "category": {"name": category_name},
            "project": {"name": project_name},
        return self._request("POST", url, headers=self.headers, json=body)["issue"]

    def update_issue(self, issue_id, body):
        url = f"{self.base_url}/issues/{issue_id}"
        return self._request("PATCH", url, headers=self.headers, json=body)

    def close_issue(self, issue_id):
        self.update_issue(issue_id, {"status": {"name": "closed"}})

    def get_comments(self, issue_id):
        issue = self.get_issue(issue_id)
        if "notes" in issue:
            return issue["notes"]

        return []

    def add_comment(self, issue_id, text):
        url = f"{self.base_url}/issues/{issue_id}/notes"
        body = {
            "text": text,
        return self._request("POST", url, headers=self.headers, json=body)

    def delete_comment(self, issue_id, note_id):
        url = f"{self.base_url}/issues/{issue_id}/notes/{note_id}"
        return self._request("DELETE", url, headers=self.headers)

    def _request(method, url, **kwargs):
        kwargs["verify"] = _VERIFY_SSL
        return requests.request(method, url, timeout=30, **kwargs).json()

[docs] class Mantis(IssueTrackerType): """ .. versionadded:: 11.6-Enterprise Support for Mantis BT. .. warning:: Make sure that this package is installed inside Kiwi TCMS and that ``EXTERNAL_BUG_TRACKERS`` setting contains a dotted path reference to this class! When using *Kiwi TCMS Enterprise* this is configured automatically. **Authentication**: :base_url: URL to Mantis BT installation - e.g. :api_password: Mantis BT API token """ def _rpc_connection(self): (_, api_password) = self.rpc_credentials return MantisAPI(self.bug_system.base_url, api_password)
[docs] def is_adding_testcase_to_issue_disabled(self): (_, api_password) = self.rpc_credentials return not (self.bug_system.base_url and api_password)
[docs] def get_project_from_mantis(self, product_name): """ Returns a Project from the Mantis BT database. Will try to match or ``MANTIS_PROJECT_NAME`` configuration setting! Otherwise will return the first project found! You may override this method if you want more control and customization, see """ projects = self.rpc.get_projects()["projects"] for project in projects: if project["name"].lower() == product_name.lower(): return project return projects[0]
[docs] def get_category_from_mantis( self, category_name, project ): # pylint: disable=no-self-use, unused-argument """ Returns a Category from the Mantis BT database. Will try to match ``MANTIS_CATEGORY_NAME`` configuration setting! Otherwise will return "General"! .. warning :: At present Mantis BT doesn't appear to provide API methods for creating or listing available categories inside a project. Because of that this method will always return the "General" category! """ return {"name": category_name}
def _report_issue(self, execution, user): """ Mantis creates the Issue with Title """ try: project = self.get_project_from_mantis( getattr( settings, "MANTIS_PROJECT_NAME",, ) ) category = self.get_category_from_mantis( getattr(settings, "MANTIS_CATEGORY_NAME", "General"), project, ) issue = self.rpc.create_issue( f"Failed test: {}", markdown2html(self._report_comment(execution, user)), category["name"], project["name"], ) issue_url = f"{self.bug_system.base_url}/view.php?id={issue['id']}" # add a link reference that will be shown in the UI LinkReference.objects.get_or_create( execution=execution, url=issue_url, is_defect=True, ) return (issue, issue_url) except Exception: # pylint: disable=broad-except # something above didn't work so return a link for manually # entering issue details with info pre-filled url = self.bug_system.base_url if not url.endswith("/"): url += "/" return (None, f"{url}bug_report_page.php")
[docs] def post_comment(self, execution, bug_id): self.rpc.add_comment(bug_id, markdown2html(self.text(execution)))
[docs] def details(self, url): """ Return issue details from Mantis """ issue = self.rpc.get_issue(self.bug_id_from_url(url)) return { "title": issue["summary"], "description": issue["description"], }