Source code for tcms.rpc.api.auth

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import django.contrib.auth
from django.core.exceptions import PermissionDenied
from modernrpc.core import REQUEST_KEY, rpc_method

[docs] @rpc_method(name="Auth.login") def login( username, password, **kwargs ): # pylint: disable=missing-api-permissions-required """ .. function:: RPC Auth.login(username, password) Login into Kiwi TCMS. :param username: A Kiwi TCMS login :type username: str :param password: The password :type password: str :param \\**kwargs: Dict providing access to the current request, protocol, entry point name and handler instance from the rpc method :return: Session ID :rtype: str :raises PermissionDenied: if username or password doesn't match or missing """ # Get the current request request = kwargs.get(REQUEST_KEY) if not username or not password: raise PermissionDenied("Username and password is required") user = django.contrib.auth.authenticate( request, username=username, password=password ) if user is not None: django.contrib.auth.login(request, user) return request.session.session_key raise PermissionDenied("Wrong username or password")
[docs] @rpc_method(name="Auth.logout") def logout(**kwargs): # pylint: disable=missing-api-permissions-required """ .. function:: RPC Auth.logout() Delete session information """ # Get the current request request = kwargs.get(REQUEST_KEY) django.contrib.auth.logout(request)