Source code for tcms.rpc.api.attachment

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from attachments.views import delete_attachment
from modernrpc.core import REQUEST_KEY, rpc_method

from tcms.rpc.decorators import permissions_required

[docs] @permissions_required("attachments.delete_attachment") @rpc_method(name="Attachment.remove_attachment") def remove_attachment(attachment_id, **kwargs): """ .. function:: RPC Attachment.remove_attachment(attachment_id) Remove the given attachment file. :param attachment_id: PK of attachment to remove :type attachment_id: int :param \\**kwargs: Dict providing access to the current request, protocol, entry point name and handler instance from the rpc method :raises Exception: if attachment doesn't exist, InternalError or removal fails """ request = kwargs.get(REQUEST_KEY) response = delete_attachment(request, attachment_id) if response.status_code == 404: raise RuntimeError(f"Removing attachment {attachment_id} failed")