Source code for tcms.bugs.api

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from modernrpc.core import REQUEST_KEY, rpc_method

from tcms.bugs.models import Bug
from import Tag
from tcms.rpc.decorators import permissions_required

__all__ = (

[docs] @permissions_required("bugs.add_bug_tags") @rpc_method(name="Bug.add_tag") def add_tag(bug_id, tag, **kwargs): """ .. function:: RPC Bug.add_tag(bug_id, tag) Add one tag to the specified Bug. :param bug_id: PK of Bug to modify :type bug_id: int :param tag: Tag name to add :type tag: str :param \\**kwargs: Dict providing access to the current request, protocol, entry point name and handler instance from the rpc method :raises PermissionDenied: if missing *bugs.add_bug_tags* permission :raises Bug.DoesNotExist: if object specified by PK doesn't exist :raises Tag.DoesNotExist: if missing *management.add_tag* permission and *tag* doesn't exist in the database! """ request = kwargs.get(REQUEST_KEY) tag, _ = Tag.get_or_create(request.user, tag) Bug.objects.get(pk=bug_id).tags.add(tag)
[docs] @permissions_required("bugs.delete_bug_tags") @rpc_method(name="Bug.remove_tag") def remove_tag(bug_id, tag): """ .. function:: RPC Bug.remove_tag(bug_id, tag) Remove tag from a Bug. :param bug_id: PK of Bug to modify :type bug_id: int :param tag: Tag name to remove :type tag: str :raises PermissionDenied: if missing *bugs.delete_bug_tags* permission :raises DoesNotExist: if objects specified don't exist """ Bug.objects.get(pk=bug_id).tags.remove(Tag.objects.get(name=tag))
[docs] @permissions_required("bugs.delete_bug") @rpc_method(name="Bug.remove") def remove(query): """ .. function:: RPC Bug.remove(bug_id) Remove Bug object(s). :param query: Field lookups for :class:`tcms.bugs.models.Bug` :type query: dict :raises PermissionDenied: if missing *bugs.delete_bugtag* permission """ Bug.objects.filter(**query).delete()
[docs] @permissions_required("bugs.view_bug") @rpc_method(name="Bug.filter") def filter(query): # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin """ .. function:: RPC Bug.filter(query) Get list of bugs. :param query: Field lookups for :class:`tcms.bugs.models.Bug` :type query: dict :return: List of serialized :class:`tcms.bugs.models.Bug` objects. :rtype: list """ result = ( Bug.objects.filter(**query) .values( "pk", "summary", "created_at", "product__name", "version__value", "build__name", "reporter__username", "assignee__username", "severity__name", "severity__color", "severity__icon", ) .distinct() ) return list(result)