trackers_integration.issuetracker.openproject module

class trackers_integration.issuetracker.openproject.OpenProject(bug_system, request)[source]

Bases: IssueTrackerType

Added in version 11.6-Enterprise.

Support for OpenProject - open source project management software.


Make sure that this package is installed inside Kiwi TCMS and that EXTERNAL_BUG_TRACKERS setting contains a dotted path reference to this class! When using Kiwi TCMS Enterprise this is configured automatically.



URL to OpenProject instance - e.g.


API token

classmethod bug_id_from_url(url)[source]

Returns a WorkPackage ID from a URL of the form [projects/short-identifier]/work_packages/1234[/activity]


Fetches WorkPackage details from OpenProject to be displayed in tooltips.


Return a Project which matches the product name from Kiwi TCMS for which we’re reporting bugs!


Name search is done via the OpenProject API and will try to match either name or project identifier. In case multiple matches were found the first one will be returned!

If there is no match by name return the first of all projects in the OpenProject database!

get_workpackage_type(project_id, name)[source]

Return a WorkPackage type matching by name, defaults to Bug. If there is no match then return the first one!

Can be controlled via the OPENPROJECT_WORKPACKAGE_TYPE_NAME configuration setting!

post_comment(execution, bug_id)[source]