tcms_api package

This module provides a dictionary based Python interface for the Kiwi TCMS test case management system.


pip install tcms-api

Minimal config file ~/.tcms.conf:

url = https://tcms.server/xml-rpc/
username = your-username
password = your-password

For Kerberos specify use_mod_kerb = True key! It’s also possible to provide system-wide config in /etc/tcms.conf.

Connect to backend:

from tcms_api import TCMS

rpc_client = TCMS()

for test_case in rpc_client.exec.TestCase.filter({'pk': 46490}):
class tcms_api.TCMS[source]

Bases: object

Takes care of initiating the connection to the TCMS server and parses user configuration.


Property that returns the underlying XML-RPC connection on which you can call various server-side functions.