tcms.issuetracker.kiwitcms module

This module implements integration with Kiwi TCMS own bug tracking system!

class tcms.issuetracker.kiwitcms.KiwiTCMS(bug_system, request)[source]

Bases: tcms.issuetracker.base.IssueTrackerType

Support for Kiwi TCMS. Required fields:

Base_url:the FQDN of the current instance. Used to match against defect URLs.

The rest of the fields are not used!

add_testexecution_to_issue(executions, issue_url)[source]

Directly ‘link’ BUG and TE objects via their m2m relationship.


This method takes extra steps to safeguard from bogus input b/c it is called unconditionally from API method TestCase.add_link()!

classmethod bug_id_from_url(url)[source]

Strips the last ‘/’ and returns the PK


Provide more details from our own bug tracker!


When is linking a TC to a Bug report disabled? Usually when not all of the required credentials are provided.

Returns:True if bug system api url, username and password are provided
Return type:bool
report_issue_from_testexecution(execution, user)[source]

Create the new bug using internal API instead of going through the RPC layer and return its URL