tcms.issuetracker.bugzilla_integration module

class tcms.issuetracker.bugzilla_integration.Bugzilla(bug_system, request)[source]

Bases: IssueTrackerType

Support for Bugzilla. Requires:


For example


the XML-RPC URL for your Bugzilla instance. For example


a username registered in Bugzilla


the password for this username

You can also provide the BUGZILLA_AUTH_CACHE_DIR setting (in to control where authentication token for Bugzilla will be saved. If this is not provided a temporary directory will be used each time we try to login into Bugzilla!

one_click_report(execution, user, args)[source]

Attempt 1-click bug report! Unmodified Bugzilla requires Product, Component, Version and Summary! OS and Hardware fields are set to All!


This can fail due to Bugzilla requiring more fields, because the API user doesn’t have permissions to report in the chosen Product, becase TC info is incomplete or because any of the specified fields doesn’t exist!

It is up to the Bugzilla/TCMS admin to make sure these are in sync! Alternatively inherit this class and override this method!

post_comment(execution, bug_id)[source]