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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from modernrpc.core import rpc_method

from import Build
from tcms.xmlrpc.decorators import permissions_required
from tcms.xmlrpc.utils import pre_check_product, parse_bool_value

__all__ = (

[docs]@rpc_method(name='Build.filter') def filter(query=None): # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin """ .. function:: XML-RPC Build.filter(query) Search and return builds matching query. :param query: Field lookups for :class:`` :type query: dict :return: List of serialized :class:`` objects :rtype: list(dict) """ if query is None: query = {} return Build.to_xmlrpc(query)
[docs]@rpc_method(name='Build.create') @permissions_required('management.add_build') def create(values): """ .. function:: XML-RPC Build.create(values) Create a new build object and store it in the database. :param values: Field values for :class:`` :type values: dict :return: Serialized :class:`` object :rtype: dict :raises: ValueError if product or name not specified :raises: PermissionDenied if missing *management.add_build* permission """ if not values.get('product') or not values.get('name'): raise ValueError('Product and name are both required.') return Build.objects.create( product=pre_check_product(values), name=values['name'], is_active=parse_bool_value(values.get('is_active', True)) ).serialize()
[docs]@permissions_required('management.change_build') @rpc_method(name='Build.update') def update(build_id, values): """ .. function:: XML-RPC Build.update(build_id, values) Updates the fields of the selected build. :param build_id: PK of Build to modify :type build_id: int :param values: Field values for :class:`` :type values: dict :return: Serialized :class:`` object :rtype: dict :raises: Build.DoesNotExist if build not found :raises: PermissionDenied if missing *management.change_build* permission """ selected_build = Build.objects.get(build_id=build_id) def _update_value(obj, name, value): setattr(obj, name, value) update_fields.append(name) update_fields = list() if values.get('product'): _update_value(selected_build, 'product', pre_check_product(values)) if values.get('name'): _update_value(selected_build, 'name', values['name']) if values.get('is_active') is not None: _update_value(selected_build, 'is_active', parse_bool_value(values.get( 'is_active', True))) return selected_build.serialize()