Source code for tcms.testcases.migrations.0009_populate_missing_text_history

from django.db import migrations

[docs] def forward_copy_data(apps, schema_editor): test_case_model = apps.get_model("testcases", "TestCase") historical_test_case_model = apps.get_model("testcases", "HistoricalTestCase") for test_case in test_case_model.objects.all(): history = ( historical_test_case_model.objects.filter( .order_by("-history_id") .first() ) # In 0006_merge_text_field_into_testcase_model we may have # failed to save the text into the history record leaving # historical records with text == None. # If the TC was not modified since then we try to fix the last # historical record if test_case.text and not history.text: history.text = test_case.text
[docs] class Migration(migrations.Migration): dependencies = [ ("testcases", "0008_notifications_default_true"), ] operations = [ # copy the data from the related model migrations.RunPython(forward_copy_data, migrations.RunPython.noop) ]