Source code for tcms.core.templatetags.extra_filters

    Custom template tag filters.

from importlib import import_module

import bleach
import markdown
import pkg_resources
from bleach_allowlist import markdown_attrs, markdown_tags, print_attrs, print_tags
from django import template
from django.contrib.messages import constants as messages
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe

register = template.Library()

[docs] @register.filter(name="is_list") def is_list(variable): return isinstance(variable, list)
[docs] def bleach_input(input_html): return bleach.clean( input_html, markdown_tags + print_tags + ["del", "s"], {**markdown_attrs, **print_attrs}, )
[docs] @register.filter(name="markdown2html") def markdown2html(md_str): """ Returns markdown string as HTML. """ if md_str is None: md_str = "" extensions = [ "markdown.extensions.codehilite", "markdown.extensions.fenced_code", "markdown.extensions.nl2br", "markdown.extensions.sane_lists", "markdown.extensions.tables", "tcms.utils.markdown", ] for plugin in pkg_resources.iter_entry_points("kiwitcms.plugins"): try: module_name = f"{plugin.module_name}.markdown" import_module(module_name) extensions.append(module_name) except ModuleNotFoundError: # maybe the add-on doesn't ship markdown extensions pass rendered_md = markdown.markdown( md_str, extensions=extensions, ) html = bleach_input(rendered_md) return mark_safe(html) # nosec:B703:B308:blacklist
[docs] @register.filter(name="message_icon") def message_icon(msg): """ Returns the string class name of a message icon which feeds directly into Patternfly. """ icons = { messages.ERROR: "error-circle-o", messages.WARNING: "warning-triangle-o", messages.SUCCESS: "ok", messages.INFO: "info", } return "pficon-" + icons[msg.level]