Source code for tcms.core.history

# pylint: disable=unused-argument, no-self-use, avoid-list-comprehension
import difflib

from django.db.models import signals
from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect
from django.template.defaultfilters import safe
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _
from simple_history.admin import SimpleHistoryAdmin
from simple_history.models import HistoricalRecords

from tcms.core.templatetags.extra_filters import bleach_input

[docs] def diff_objects(old_instance, new_instance, fields): """ Diff two objects by examining the given fields and return a string. """ full_diff = [] for field in fields: field_diff = [] old_value = getattr(old_instance, field.attname) new_value = getattr(new_instance, field.attname) # clean stored XSS if isinstance(old_value, str): old_value = bleach_input(old_value) if isinstance(new_value, str): new_value = bleach_input(new_value) for line in difflib.unified_diff( str(old_value).split("\n"), str(new_value).split("\n"), fromfile=field.attname, tofile=field.attname, lineterm="", ): field_diff.append(line) full_diff.extend(field_diff) return "\n".join(full_diff)
[docs] def history_email_for(instance, title): """ Generate the subject and email body that is sent via email notifications post update! """ history = instance.history.latest() subject = _("UPDATE: %(model_name)s #%(pk)d - %(title)s") % { "model_name": instance.__class__.__name__, "pk":, "title": title, } body = ( _( """Updated on %(history_date)s Updated by %(username)s %(diff)s For more information: %(instance_url)s""" ) % { "history_date": history.history_date.strftime("%c"), "username": getattr(history.history_user, "username", ""), "diff": history.history_change_reason, "instance_url": instance.get_full_url(), } ) return subject, body
[docs] class KiwiHistoricalRecords(HistoricalRecords): """ This class will keep track of what fields were changed inside of the ``history_change_reason`` field. This gives us a crude changelog until upstream introduces their new interface. """
[docs] def pre_save(self, instance, **kwargs): """ Signal handlers don't have access to the previous version of an object so we have to load it from the database! """ if kwargs.get("raw", False): return if and hasattr(instance, "history"): instance.previous = instance.__class__.objects.filter( ).first()
[docs] def post_save(self, instance, created, using=None, **kwargs): """ Calculate the changelog and call the inherited method to write the data into the database. """ if kwargs.get("raw", False): return if hasattr(instance, "previous") and instance.previous: # note: simple_history.utils.update_change_reason() performs an extra # DB query so it is better to use the private field instead! # In older simple_history version this field wasn't private but was renamed # in 2.10.0 hence the pylint disable! instance._change_reason = diff_objects( # pylint: disable=protected-access instance.previous, instance, self.fields_included(instance) ) super().post_save(instance, created, using, **kwargs)
[docs] def finalize(self, sender, **kwargs): """ Connect the pre_save signal handler after calling the inherited method. """ super().finalize(sender, **kwargs) signals.pre_save.connect(self.pre_save, sender=sender, weak=False)
[docs] class ReadOnlyHistoryAdmin(SimpleHistoryAdmin): """ Custom history admin which shows all fields as read-only. """ history_list_display = ["Diff"]
[docs] def Diff(self, obj): # pylint: disable=invalid-name return safe(f"<pre>{obj.history_change_reason}</pre>")
[docs] def get_readonly_fields(self, request, obj=None): # make all fields readonly readonly_fields = list( set( [ for field in self.opts.local_fields] + [ for field in self.opts.local_many_to_many] ) ) return readonly_fields
[docs] def response_change(self, request, obj): super().response_change(request, obj) return HttpResponseRedirect(obj.get_absolute_url())