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# pylint: disable=too-many-locals, invalid-name, avoid-list-comprehension, bulk-create-used
# Copyright (c) 2020 Alexander Todorov <>

# Licensed under the GPL 2.0:

from django.apps import apps as global_apps
from django.contrib.auth import get_permission_codename
from import create_contenttypes
from django.db import DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS, router

def _get_all_permissions(opts):
    Return (codename, name) for all permissions in the given opts.
    return [*_get_builtin_permissions(opts), *opts.permissions]

def _get_builtin_permissions(opts):
    Return (codename, name) for all autogenerated permissions.
    By default, this is ('add', 'change', 'delete', 'view')
    perms = []
    for action in opts.default_permissions:
                get_permission_codename(action, opts),
                f"Can {action} {opts.verbose_name_raw}",
    return perms

[docs] def create_permissions( app_config, verbosity=2, interactive=True, using=DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS, apps=global_apps, **kwargs, ): """ Create the missing permissions for the Bug<->Tag m2m model, see Copied from """ if != "tcms.bugs": return if not app_config.models_module: return # Ensure that contenttypes are created for this app. Needed if # 'django.contrib.auth' is in INSTALLED_APPS before # 'django.contrib.contenttypes'. create_contenttypes( app_config, verbosity=verbosity, interactive=interactive, using=using, apps=apps, **kwargs, ) app_label = app_config.label try: app_config = apps.get_app_config(app_label) ContentType = apps.get_model("contenttypes", "ContentType") Permission = apps.get_model("auth", "Permission") except LookupError: return if not router.allow_migrate_model(using, Permission): return # This will hold the permissions we're looking for as # (content_type, (codename, name)) searched_perms = [] # The codenames and ctypes that should exist. ctypes = set() for klass in app_config.get_models(include_auto_created=True): # Force looking up the content types in the current database # before creating foreign keys to them. ctype = ContentType.objects.db_manager(using).get_for_model( klass, for_concrete_model=False ) ctypes.add(ctype) for perm in _get_all_permissions(klass._meta): searched_perms.append((ctype, perm)) # Find all the Permissions that have a content_type for a model we're # looking for. We don't need to check for codenames since we already have # a list of the ones we're going to create. all_perms = set( Permission.objects.using(using) .filter( content_type__in=ctypes, ) .values_list("content_type", "codename") ) perms = [ Permission(codename=codename, name=name, content_type=ct) for ct, (codename, name) in searched_perms if (, codename) not in all_perms ] Permission.objects.using(using).bulk_create(perms) if verbosity >= 2: for perm in perms: print(f"Adding permission '{perm}'")